This past week, we said goodbye to the staff team.  The staff team left Wednesday morning to raise support for the next month.  Project is now completely student-led. I am encouraged to have already seen student leaders stepping up.  It is exciting to see how the Lord will continue to work in the hearts of students. Please pray for staff as they continue to raise support and the students as they seek to know Christ more.

On Wednesday, Bethel senior, Joe Johnson led evangelism training.  He talked about the reality of hell and how, as believers, we should be living in light of eternity.  This life is short and fleeting, and we have only one hope in Christ.  He encouraged us to tell others of the truth that is in Christ. He alone saves us from eternal wrath.  After the training, students wrote letters to loved ones who may not be believers.

Last night,  the India Team prepared the Project's social.  Students went to Broadway at the Beach, and had a scavenger hunt.   The teams were split up with one guys' room and one girls' room. They were told to do certain things, such as take a picture with a random child, and take a picture laying down in the fountain center.  Everyone had a blast doing outrageous things.  After the social, everyone came back to project to find out the winning team and enjoyed viewing all the pictures that were taken.