In a little more than two weeks, we will be heading back to the midwest.  It is a sobering reality that this summer will soon be coming to a close.  However, I feel overwhelmingly thankful and incredibly grateful for the growth that has happened in the lives of students this summer. Cassie Weber, a Bethel University Junior, talked about the impact that Christ has had on her this summer. She said, "I am continuing to learn more of His grace to me.  As a room leader, I often see my selfishness. However, in those moments of seeing my sin, I run to Christ and trust that He continues to love me despite my selfishness. I am growing in understanding His incredible grace for me."

Joel Edwall said, "I've learned that there is nothing to life apart from Christ. I've realized how undeserving I am of His goodness to me."

Allison Substad, a Bethel Sophmoroe, said, "I think I've realized just how sweet it is that the Lord looks at me with love.  Because of Christ, He is always singing over me and delights in me."

These are just a few things that students are saying they have learned.  It is amazing to see the growth that has happened this summer thus far.  I have heard multiple times from students that, for the first time, they understand clearly the Gospel and what it means for them.  It is my prayer that we continue to grow in knowledge and understanding of Christ.  Please pray that we would continue to persevere this summer. Pray that the hearts of students may be changed forevermore because of what they have learned about Christ.

3 John 1:4,"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth."