Sundays are special days on Project.  No one works on Sundays, so there is time to rest, go to the beach or a coffee shop, spend time journaling, or process through the mountain of information presented to us over the course of the week. South Project meets on Sunday mornings for “Life Training” sessions taught by Paul Poteat.  Life Training looks at life issues (such as money, time, community, work, etc) through a Biblical lens.  This morning, Paul spoke about having a “generous heart,” which is very applicable as Project participants think about jobs, groceries, gas, and support-raising.

After life training, there is about an hour of free time before the teams head to church.  Each team on Project is assigned to go to a different local church for the duration of the summer.


Fun Fact:

Near the hotel, there’s a diner called Sam’s Corner.  Coffee costs five cents, so it’s a popular place for people from STP to go to get off Project, get in the Word, or catch up with friends.