Athletes in training (AIT) are the only students who are required to wake up early on Saturday, they have to be somewhere for their workout by 8:00 am.  The rest of the students are free to do with their morning as they please.  Some students get up early to study the bible, catch some morning sun, or go out on a run; other students like to use the time for much needed rest—the week can be draining and sleeping in is considered a blessing.  Then it is off to work in the afternoons. Fun Fact:

Project is divided into three teams to help students to get to know each other.  The teams have quirky names. This summer, the team names are: Boom Goes the Dynamite, We Are Who We Are, and The Outsiders.  Each week a different team is put in charge of organizing the social, starting off theme night, choosing project meals, and choosing a prayer focus for the week.