Last Sunday night the guys split apart from the girls and played ultimate Frisbee—this was a good way to release some energy and enjoy friendly competition.  We were split into four teams, and each team was able to play another team once.  My team had the outstanding record of 0 wins, 3 loses.  Although, I think that the teams were a little stacked (I can’t think of any other reason). After the games, Charlie Brooks gave us a talk about how we, as sinners, try to find comfort, significance, and satisfaction in things that ultimately cannot fulfill us.  We then split into rooms and talked about what these things were in our life, and how we might go about seeking these things in God.  I am constantly amazed by the openness and vulnerability that my room, as men, has with each other.  Things are shared that my upbringing would tell me to not speak about.  Project is a great opportunity for all of us to go beyond our comforts, and see ourselves for what we truly are, sinners.

Fun Fact:

Our time here in Garden City, SC has faced many rainy days.  When I asked a local about it, I found out that they don’t even consider this summer yet; it is still spring weather.  He talked about how he was sure that by the time summer came; everyone would be ready for it.  When will summer become a part of our training project?