Every Tuesday night at 8:00, each of the rooms split off into discipleship groups (D-Groups).  This is a time where each room spends time under their room leader studying scriptures, updating each other on their lives, and being invested in as people.  The first D-Group was a time for each member to share their testimony, and it is always a pleasure to hear of how Christ has changed the lives of others. The purpose of D-Groups is to set aside time to allow the room leaders to intentionally invest in the lives of their room.  It is one of projects greatest blessings for first time students, and it is one of the times of largest growth for the room leaders, as they realize their failures to lead well.  This is one of my favorite things about project.

Fun Fact:

In addition to normal rooms, there is also a room of “servant guys” and a room of “servant girls”.  These rooms are responsible for helping the success of project’s logistical matters.  These rooms help to “grease the system” and allow room leaders, team leaders, and the project directors to spend more time investing in others, and less time focusing on little things.