Wednesday nights are free nights, but most male rooms take advantage of this opportunity to ask a female room on a group date.  The “ask” is of vital importance to securing a group date.  Brownie points are awarded for creativity.  The servant guy room, composed of 7 men, asked both the leader girls and the servant girls room through the musical rendition of “Group Date Maybe” (a fully committed parody of the pop song “Call Me Maybe”).  Other rooms opted for less dramatic means, such as poetry and note writing. After securing the attendance of our female counterparts, a room must follow through with a planned date.  Ideas vary as much as creativity allows, and group dates always successfully help the guys get to know some gals (and vice-versa).

What about people who are in relationships?

A group date is not comparable to a one-on-one date.  It is merely a social gathering of two rooms planned in advance.  It is an opportunity for guys and girls to mingle, not a match making system.  Therefore, those already in a relationship are free to enjoy the evening—it is merely a get together.