Life training, team time, and church are all scrunched into the morning. Life training is a series of talks given by Charlie Brooks (check out the links online).  It focuses on important parts of our walk with Christ.  This morning all about knew the will of God.  I was really impacted by the misconceptions I have often had about God’s will.  In 1 Thessalonians 4:3, we learn that God’s will is our sanctification.  God is ultimately less concerned with what we will be doing, and more concerned with who we will become.

Team time was important for my team; boom goes the dynamite, this week.  We are responsible for planning the theme night, choosing the project meals, and planning the project social.  I wish I could go into more detail, but most of these things are surprises.

Project is split between three churches: Pine Drive, Garden City Chapel, and Garden City Baptist.  I attend Pine Drive, pastured by Okey Landers.  It is a small church, but Okey preaches the Gospel.  We are currently in three weeks in a series on Ruth.  It is amazing to see the faith demonstrated by Ruth—I find Okey’s sermons increasingly insightful.

Fun Fact:

Sunday is the only day where we are not expected to study a passage.  Instead it is encouraged that we memorize one of the passages studied during the week.