On Thursday night the entire North Project came together under the canopy to say farewell to the staff.  Yes, the staff leaves for the last month of project.  We said our goodbyes and prayed over them in a bittersweet moment.  We like having them around, but it is sort of exciting to think of them leaving us as an autonomous student population. There is still order on project.  Mike Owczarek, a student from Northwestern, is the project director, and he looks after pretty much all of the logistics.  In addition there are three pairs (male and female) of team leaders looking after the teams, a female servant team and a male servant team looking after the food and maintenance, and room leaders caring for every room.  Basically, project is designed to not need the staff.  Students will now be giving the talks, leading all events, and investing in each other.  It is an opportunity for growth for everyone, whether in leadership or in being lead.  I am excited to see what the rest of this summer will bring as our life-on-life discipleship continues apart from the staff monitoring.

The leaving of the staff is a great opportunity for us to grow on project as a community of students lead by students.