I haven’t had much time to go to the beach this summer.  As a room leader, the responsibilities seem to pile up: one-on-ones with each of my girls, talks, d-group planning, leaders’ training, processing the information myself, etc.  Today, though, I had a free afternoon so a group of us went to play soccer on the sand.  A storm was rolling in, so people were leaving the beach as we arrived.  The rain trickled down, the sand blew, and we kicked the ball around.  As we stopped for a water break, a guy shouted, “DOLPHINS!”  There they were, a mother and a baby, surfacing on the other side of the pier.  The dark fins of the dolphins sliced the sleet gray waves, and we shouted with excitement at each sighting.  

Eventually, we jumped in the water too, clothes and all.  The waves were large and billowy because of the storm, and raindrops tinkled on the water’s surface.  The dolphins were visible in the distance at first but after awhile disappeared into the inky deep.  What a glorious world our God has made!  This afternoon in the ocean brought to mind how His love and grace for us is an “ocean of delights.”