I distinctly remember telling a student on Project about our CCP team and saying, “They’ll actually be coming to Project! But that’s a long way off.”

And now they’re here.

In fact, they’ve been here since last Wednesday. The Project all swarmed the parking lot to greet their friends on the team as the travelers shuffled their way out of the vans, completely jet-lagged but pumped with adrenaline and excitement.

I should pause here.

If you don’t know what the CCP team is, refer to the following blog:


Continuing on.

Since then, the team members have been spending most of their time with as many of the 125 students on Project as they possibly can. They are specifically sharing what God has done in their lives throughout their time in Sheffield. I have had the pleasure of talking to several members of the CCP team, and it’s amazing to hear about the different ways God has revealed more of himself to them, oftentimes in ways they never expected.

Tonight, during theme training, Steve Discher will give a talk on missions and the ways God has expanded and will continue to expand is kingdom to reach the lost world. The prayer is that eyes will be opened to the brokenness and urgency of the lost and unreached people, and that God will work in people’s hearts – maybe even to go to the unreached themselves.  

The CCP team will also share some stories from their time in the U.K., which will be expounded upon tomorrow night when the team splits up and visits each room on Project during D Group. The students will be able to ask more specific questions and hear more personal stories of how God used this summer in Sheffield to shape the lives of those on the CCP.

As the next two days unfold and the time with the CCP team wraps up, pray that the conversations students have with the team will help cast a vision to reach the lost world.