There are six teams on Project this summer: Paranirmal Activity (shout out to my team!), Tsongwei Over the Rainbow, First Class, Stormtroopers, Chuck Dynasty, and Order of the Phoenix.

The Order of the Phoenix is also known around Project as the servant team.

The servant team is a designated group of students – one room of men and one room of women – who carry out specific roles and goals throughout the summer.

This year, the two students leading the servant-hearted charge are Daniel Rimmereid and Sara Kallhoff. I talked to each of them about what it’s been like to be servant team leaders this summer.

“Servant team has been a wild ride,” started Daniel. “It’s had its up and downs; everything from being really exciting and loving what’s happening to times of asking myself what in the world I’m doing.”

Because the servant team is made up of different people every summer, the team dynamics play out differently. Daniel has noticed that as well.

“Servant team is one of those things that’s just going to change from summer to summer. It really does depend on who is on the team. It also depends who the leader is. That will help set the tone for the room, and that tone will be different from Project to Project.”

Sara has experiences similar challenges and joys in being the team leader for the servant team.

“It has been a challenging blessing that has taught me more about myself, organization, being intentional, and beauty in differences. But most importantly, being the servant team leader has shown me that God loves me more than I could ever know.”

The main thing we hope students at Project come away with after the summer is a deeper love for their savior. So in the midst of joys, triumphs and challenges, Sara and Daniel are excited about the things God has taught them this summer and the ways he has used servant team to show them more of himself.