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Guacamole Night

Yesterday, Colby Williamson spoke for a second time at Evangelism training. He emphasized that God is loving, but also just. Students are beginning to be more confident sharing their faith.This is not because of the weekly experience, but rather, they have been able to see that God is the one who is working through them. Moreover, late afternoon the project was divided into girls and boys. It was a special bonding time for both of the groups. The guys played ultimate  while the girls had chocolate fondue.

As for today, the staff is leaving to different directions for the next four weeks. Pray for the staff as they go around the south raising support for their ministries.

Tonight is also Social Night, or as we are calling it, GUACAMOLE Night! The Josh Schrock's team, Boom Boom Pow, is in charge of the spicy night out.

A few pictures from the staff send-off last night. (a clip of this glorious night is also coming soon)


Matt Reagan trying to catch whipped cream in his mouth...


Paul Poteat's second try...


Jon Saunders on his third try.