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Read an article on utilizing facebook for Support Raising

Read Steve Shadrach on raising support. --

Well, a 20-something Harvard dropout named Mark Zuckerberg has changed all that for us. Now, instead of it being weird or awkward to re-connect with your 5th grade Girl Scout friend or your 9th grade lab partner, it's ok—even cool—to do so. How did Zuckerberg pull it off? In 2004, he created a simple computer program to communicate with some of his college buddies. When it caught on at other campuses, he decided to open it up to all colleges, then all high schoolers, and finally the whole world! Affectionately known as Facebook, it is now the largest and fastest growing social network anywhere with over 175 million active users (adding 150,000 daily!) who spend three billion minutes a day cruising the site for more friends. Let me mention four quickies on how Facebook can become (to you—a support raiser) your new best friend:

1. Resurrect your “Namestorm List” Rethink all the hundreds of names you conveniently “forgot” about from your past lives and go back and write each one down. Don't leave anyone off!


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