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Well, they’re gone.

No, not the staff – they left a while ago.

I’m talking about the CCP teams.

CCP stands for “Cross Cultural Project.” This summer, we had two CCP teams; one to India and one to Lebanon (for more specifics, feel free to ask a student!)

For the past week, our Project has been blessed to have had both CCP teams visiting us. The Lebanon team just arrived home from Beirut, and the India team will be flying out next week.

When the CCP team comes to visit, you cannot help but become more missions-minded.  It is such an encouragement to talk with these fellow college students and friends about what God is doing in their lives and the things they are excited about and fearful for when it comes to missions.

Last week, during the Theme Training talk, Andrew Knight spoke on missions. It was practically impossible to walk out of that room unchanged, or at least unchallenged. I have talked to several students who have said they will not be able to view missions – or their own lives – the same way again.

(If you want to listen to Andrew Knight’s talk, it will be posted on the website along with the other talks from this summer!)

At the end of the talk, we sang worship songs which were concluded by a recording of the ‘call to prayer’ that Muslims hear multiple times a day in places like Lebanon and India. For many, that was the moment in the evening that influenced them the most.

The Project has been buzzing since then. I have overheard conversations about missions countless times over the course of the week. It has been wonderful to be around the CCP teams and to remember that the gospel is needed all over the world and God is working his plan of redemption everywhere, even right now.

I ask you to join me in praying that this new heart for missions that many of the students have will not fade away. I pray that the missions-minded mentality is not superficial and fueled by the excitement of the CCP teams and a convicting talk, but rather fueled by a love for Jesus and a broken heart for the unengaged and unreached peoples of the world.

Prayer request: Pray for a faithful and fruitful trip for the India team!



Final Theme Talk - Exiles

For our final theme talk, Andrew Knight shared about trusting in the to gospel to not miss opportunities to advance the gospel back on the campus. [display_podcast]



Theme Night - Exiled

Our first theme talk from Andrew Knight was last Thursday night.  He talked about we are separated from relationship with God because of our sin.  Jesus who died for our sins is our substitute, so that we are called righteous by God.  This is not based on anything that we do (our works), but solely on the work of Jesus Christ.  You can listen to the talk here.  We will be podcasting more talks from beach project as the summer goes on.  Expect more in the coming weeks. [display_podcast]