For the project social tonight we played the game bigger and better.  Every guy room was teamed up with a girl room, and we dispersed into the city armed with nothing more than a paper clip.  Our objective was simple: trade up.  We were to find something bigger and better than the paper clip, and keep moving to try to gain the biggest and best thing of all.  There was even a list of bonus items that project could use for this summer: some Christmas lights, bicycles, lawn chairs, surfboards, refrigerators, and the ever-desired golf cart.

It really is curious to see what groups end up with.  People end up just handing over their junk instead of trading with you, so between all of the groups there was a great pile of interesting items ‘donated’.  Among the spoils were many lawn chairs, two refrigerators, a futon, countless Christmas lights, a basketball hoop, light saber toys, and not only a bicycle, but also even a tricycle.  Not a bad haul for one nights work. Let’s just say that the project students successfully convinced pack rats to lighten their load.

-Michael Urch