Counseling Consultant

Elisa was blessed to grow up in a home where she was taught about Jesus from an early age. Although she had heard the gospel many times before, God changed her heart in high school. Through the suffering of her sister's disability, God revealed her sinful heart full of selfishness, bitterness, and self-righteousness and showed her the desperate need for a Savior.

During her 4 years at the University of Minnesota, God used the discipleship of older students and staff in Campus Outreach to challenge Elisa in her walk with God. They invited her to share the gospel alongside them, and she quickly learned how stretching and rewarding that could be. After attending two Summer Training Projects, she realized what a privilege it was to see God work in other people’s lives through discipleship. When she graduated in 2014, Elisa joined the staff team and began ministering to students at St. Cloud State with the aim of knowing Jesus more and making Him known.