Contingent Staff

I grew up in a Christian home and saw what it looked like to be a Christ follower from an early age. God used Campus Outreach to show me the grace of the Gospel and the hope we set in Jesus. Before understanding the explicit Gospel, I strived to be better than the people around me through living a moral lifestyle. During my college years the COM staff helped me understand that we are all equal sinners in need of a Savior. I now understand that I was trapped in my sin, but now Christ, through his blood, has set me free to an eternal relationship with him.

God used Campus Outreach to transform my life by teaching me the basics of the Gospel and what life looks like as a Christian. My first Summer Training Project taught me how to read the Bible thoroughly, confess sin with vulnerability, live in community, and how to share my faith with others. I caught a vision of evangelism and discipleship on the college campus and became very passionate about raising laborers to reach the world.