Contingent Staff

My family started attending church when I was in middle school. Prior to this, none of us were believers. A youth leader at church and some older students really invested in me. As a result of this, I began to become open to the gospel message, and I started paying attention during the Sunday sermons. I saw the weight of my sin, put my faith in Jesus alone for salvation, and was baptized.

Since early in my Christian life I have felt called to cross-cultural ministry. For this reason, I pursued a degree in missions at Bethlehem College and Seminary. As I was seeking more opportunities to gain experience sharing the gospel with people from other cultures, I became aware of Campus Outreach through my friend Tim. Through Campus Outreach I will be working with Tim to evangelize and disciple international students. I'm extremely excited for this because many of these students are from countries that are difficult or dangerous to reach with the gospel.