St. Thomas Campus Staff

Billy grew up in the suburbs of Minnesota and had never been exposed to Christianity until high school.  During his freshmen year of college, God saved Billy when his friend's parents shared the gospel with him.  He began to see the nature of his sin, even in his moral actions, and his need for Jesus and His payment on the cross. Soon after, a few older men on staff with Campus Outreach began spending time with Billy and discipled him. They taught him how to study the Bible, pray, and share the gospel.  More than that, they shared their lives with him so he could imitate their lives and do the same for others.

During college, Billy caught the vision of Campus Outreach and desired to give his life to investing in younger students.  Years later, he still had the desire to bring the gospel to college students and made the decision to come on staff in 2018.

Billy and his wife, Hannah, met in St. Cloud and got married in 2016.  They have one daughter, Luella (2017).