Lucas and Ariana both went to school at the University of Minnesota. They were involved with Campus Outreach for the majority of their time as students. Through life on life discipleship they have grown in their knowledge and desire for Jesus. They were taught how to walk with the Lord daily and during that time, developed a desire to share the wonderful news of the gospel with others.

The deep and amazing ways that life on life discipleship has changed their lives, has given them an eager desire to disciple others. After getting married in 2013 and working in the workforce for over a year, their desire for discipleship on the college campus had increased even more. In 2014 they transitioned out of the workforce and onto the college campus. They have been evangelizing and making disciples at Bethel University since 2014.

Being placed at a private Christian college, Lucas and Ariana love laboring with Bethel students in helping them know and enjoy Jesus in their mind and in their hearts. They desire for students to treasure Jesus for the first time if they have not before and to grow in seeing their need for the gospel, the need on their campus, and the need in the world to love and enjoy Jesus more.