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What to bring:

What Not to bring!

  • Laptop computers – we strongly discourage students from bringing laptops
  • Portable DVD Players / Portable TV’s – we don’t want you sitting around project watching movies all day long
  • Game boys and game systems
  • More than one suitcase

What to bring!


  • All your support checks, organized, and tracking sheet
  • Social Security card, drivers’ license or passport
  • Health insurance card
    • If you don’t currently have health insurance, talk to Nick ASAP
  • First two weeks’ rent (about $400)
  • Transportation charge ($250)
  • Check Book – if you are paying rent

Normal packing:

  • Small bag for overnight on the way down
  • Duffle bag suitcases – they really help in packing
  • Storage cubes for storing your clothes at project
  • Sun screen and beach gear
  • 2 towels, one beach, one bath
  • Bible/notebook/pen/few good books
  • Footballs, Frisbees, soccer balls, games!

Girl Specifics:

  • 2-3 “snappy casual outfits for “nicer” group dates and church (try to have at least 1-2 that is not denim
  • ~ 10 - mix & match summer items (not too short shorts, tanks, skirts, capris, pants, other shirts, sun dresses)
  • T-shirts
  • Bathing suit(s) and bathing suit cover-up
  • Flip flops
  • Something light to sleep in
  • Pillow
  • Try to take no more than 3-4 pairs of shoes (sandals, flops, tennis, etc)
  • Ask around if other girls are bringing hair dryers, straighteners, curling, etc – no need for everyone to bring one
  • Shampoo – unless you need something particular, its nice to go in together with you room when you get to SC and purchase large bottles of Shampoo, conditioner, etc – no need to transport all that
  • Pack in crates, that you can stack up for a book shelf – so your storage containers become storage while at project

Guy Specifics:

  • Lots of T-shirts
  • 2 jeans, khakis
  • A few polo’s for snappy casual events like group dates
  • A few nice button-downs
  • Nice shorts / workout shorts

Buy toiletries in bulk



Turning in Support

Dear Students, Before you leave with your caravan we will be collecting support at Bethlehem. Please make sure your support is ready to go to ensure we get on the road in a timely manner!

  • All checks are made payable to: Campus Outreach Minneapolis  ... (If your supporter accidentally made the check payable to you, please sign the back over to: Campus Outreach Minneapolis, and sign your name)
  • Memo Line: STP - [Last Name, First Name]
  • Properly filled out Supporter Tracking List - (you keep this)
  • Properly filled out Supporter Contact List - (you turn this in)
  • Check the Support Raising Training Page for more info
  • Have everything organized in an envelope with your name on it please!



Sign up for a Checking Account - Get $25 free!

Dear STP Participants, Most students generally sign up for a checking account while at project. You need to be able to deposit pay checks, setup direct-deposit, write checks for STP costs (Rent, etc ...) While it is not required to have one, it is strongly suggested. Because no Minneapolis based bank is in SC, we have partnered with First Federal Bank (the bank that is inside of Wal-Mart)

They will give you $25 after having the account open for 90 days (If you setup direct deposit, or make 30 Debit Card Purchases)!!

In order to be ready for filling out paperwork on Friday, May 28th's job hunt day we have the ability to pre-setup your account by filling out the form below. Please take 5 minutes and fill out the attached form. This form is completely secure.

Please fill out the attached form and bring $50 cash to project to start the account. Don't worry about a photocopy of your Drivers License or Social Security Card, the bank will collect these at project!


  1. Do I have to open a checking account? No, It is strongly encouraged though! No Minneapolis based banks exist in S.C. Many of you will be writing checks throughout the summer.
  2. Do I really get $25 for free for opening the account? Yes - just keep the account open 90 days, and utilize either direct deposit or make 30 transactions on your check card.
  3. Do I have to use First Federal? No, but most students will either work or shop at Wal-Mart so it makes it very convenient!
  4. What about my Wachovia account from last summer? Feel free to use again, or cancel and open a First Federal Account.
  5. Does my home Wells Fargo account work with Wachovia in South Carolina? You are able to use Wachovia ATM's but are limited to selective services.
  6. Will there be First Federal Representatives available for questions at project? Yes, when you arrive to project on Thursday May, 27th First Federal staff will assist you, collect paperwork and signatures.



Transportation: to project

Drivers: Please make sure to take your car in before departing. I would recommend checking:

  • Get your Oil Changes
  • Inflate your Tires properly
  • Check your wipers and replace if needed
  • Be sure to have your proper car insurance card and information with you
  • Have one credit card ready to purchase gas on the way down. Be sure to keep your receipts together. We will give you an envelop to store your receipts. You will also need to fill out a reimbursement form.

Directions to Project:

  • We will be stopping at the Madison East Town Mall (near their food court)
  • We will sleeping at the LaQuinta Inn in Richmond, Ky

Directions will be provided when your caravan leaves, or feel free to download a copy below:




Arrive to Bethlehem Baptist Downtown - (720 13th Ave South, Minneapolis MN 55415) at 550am. We will depart at 6 a.m. Please be on time! View Larger Map



Leaders Retreat: Bridge Diagram Workshop

Larry Martini talked about some things to keep in mind when sharing the bridge diagram with people on the beach. He also did a role play with Kelsey Simmons to give us an example of what sharing the bridge diagram could look like. [display_podcast]



Leaders Retreat: Skills

Charlie Brooks concluded our time by talking about the skills of the leader. How do we apply the picture of discipleship that is laid in scripture to the everyday interactions we have with the people we are leading? His last point was to pray for the growth of the people you are leading – we often forget the importance of this. [display_podcast]



Leaders Retreat: Character

Andrew Knight talked on our retreat about the character of a leader. He then moved to talking about diagnosing character issues in the people that we disciple. Listen to his talk here: [display_podcast]



Leaders Retreat: Knowledge

Ken Currie opened our time at the Summer Leaders Retreat with a talk on knowledge. We need to understand intellectually the truth the underlies any experience we may have in life. He also talked about the interconnectedness of knowing God, knowing self, and knowing the world [display_podcast]



light you up

Theme Training this week was organized by Jack Thompson's team. After a great video and amazing testimony, Matt Reagan spoke on "Grace: an Exile's Gospel." The Christian life is not one of duty, but of celebration.The recording from this session will be joining the others soon. Eric Lonergan's Bible Study Training  from this week is also availiable online and <can be found here>. A profile album for all SBPers are in the works in the gallery, check back soon for a link to a completed album with all the portraits of the disciples along with their name and information!

SBP also has a facebook page! <SBP09 fb page> follow the link and become a fan to receive updates directly from your fb account!



SBP Prep Party

We have a few documents for you from the prep party. Here is the info packet from the prep party in case you have lost or misplaced it.

Here is the parents packet with the parental consent form. This document can also be found under the "parents" link at the top of the page.

If your parents want to email or fax the consent for to our office:

email -

fax - 612.338.6901  ATTN: Campus Outreach Brie Schroeder

If you have any questions, feel free to email us